BIOCelina Benitez

I was Born in El Salvador, migrated with my family to the United States as a young child. As early as I can remember my family always stilled the importance of Education and giving back to our community. I graduated from High School in Los Angeles, California and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. I have been an advocate for civil rights and for the empowerment of minority communities.

As a teacher, I worked to provide my students with the education and support becoming a Listing board

In my political advocacy for immigrant’s rights I tied my personal history with a broader cause of justice.

In 2012 I moved to Mount Rainier and joined my family who had been in the city for over 20 years. I felt right at home. It would be an honor to serve my home by holding a position where I can work to strengthen those features of our community which make it the place we want to live.

City government budgets. (Los Angeles)

City government recreation programs for children of low income, single parent, and immigrant family backgrounds. (Los Angeles)

Broad experience in community service management for a major after-school program. Key activities included grant administration as well as hiring and supervising of staff and teachers. (Los Angeles)

Experience with lobbying California state legislature on behalf of college students.

College degree (B.A.) in political science, with honors. Special studies in city management. Awards for student leadership.

Fluent in Spanish.

Married to Kristian Cortez with 1-year old daughter (Isabella).